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24. Mai 2024

This three-day intensive course (the fourth of this series of practical courses organized by the Hellenic Neurosurgical Society) includes a combination of lectures and cadaver dissections designed to cover the basic surgical approaches and anatomy, required for every skull base neurosurgeon. Faculty includes senior neurosurgeons and ENT surgeons who demonstrate surgical skull base approaches as well as endonasal - sellar anatomy and surgical options.Click HERE for more information and to register for the course.There is a discount on registration for EANS Individual Members. 

This course will provide a hands-on training on skull base surgery using 3D printed models. The models have printed tumoral pathologies such as clinoidal meningioma, vestibularschwannoma, petroclival chordoma and pineal tumor. There are lectures from renowned faculty on neuroanatomy, trans-cranial approaches and treatment of these tumors. The trainees will be guided to study, discuss, plan and perform the surgery, step by step, on the 3D printed models. Instructors will show how to use the regular neurosurgical instruments (drills, ultrasonic aspirators, microscope and nerve stimulation) on the models (2 traineesper model) that are almost lifelike. These models are printed based on radiological data of real cases rendering the anatomy and pathology to accurately reflect the real scenario. The models include nerves with implanted wires that enable electrical stimulation during dissection. The anatomy of the tumors will be also analyzed on a virtual reality environment.The clinical presentation, radiology, intraoperative videos and outcomes of each case will be presented to the trainees to give context to the lab training. Therefore, this training will be as close as possible to the real scenario, a fact that is a distinct advantage over the current gold standard namely cadaveric courses for training in skull base surgery.Click HERE for more information and to register for the course.10% Discount on registration for EANS Individual Members!

The Hellenic Neurosurgical Society has the pleasure to announce the fourth microscopic and endoscopic skull base course and welcome you in Greece. The course is designed for senior residents in Neurosurgery or early-career neurosurgeons with interest in skull base surgery. In its 3 days of duration, the course will include a combination of lectures and cadaver dissections designed to cover the basic surgical approaches and anatomy required for every skull base neurosurgeon. Faculty will include senior neurosurgeons and ENT surgeons who will demonstrate surgical skull base approaches as well as endonasal – sellar anatomy and surgical options.Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to discuss indications for surgical treatment of lesions of the cranial skull base, to describe the standard skull base approaches, to perform microscopic as well as endoscopic endonasal skull base approaches to anterior middle and posterior cranial fossa.We are looking forward to seeing you in Athens.Moschos FratzoglouPresident of the Hellenic Neurosurgical SocietyCourse DirectorFor more information click here

The EUROSPINE EANS SPRING SUMMIT – a weekend of inspiring talks and exceptional networking! With the 2024 edition, EUROSPINE and EANS continue to deliver an outstanding expert format – Insight lectures and expert panels combined with hands-on experience, networking sessions and industry TechUpdates. As an attendee, you will learn from renowned leading experts, discuss with your peers, and interact with the distinguished faculty.Click HERE for more information!Registration is open!

This two-day course is intended to be the basis for all young neurosurgeons who are interested in developing surgical skills and techniques necessary for operating with confidence and improving patient care in degenerative spine surgery.Click HERE to pre-register!Full course's information will be available as of January 2024.

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We would like to welcome you to Maastricht in The Netherlands for the 2024 edition of the European Skull Base Society congress. You can look forward to an outstanding scientific programme with excellent lectures, case discussions and lively debates. The congress also presents the opportunity to submit and present abstracts.The congress will be held in Maastricht, the most southern city of the Netherlands, but in the heart of Europe. This attractive city will embrace you with its elegant qualities, rich history and extensive culinary and cultural offerings. The city offers a lot of beautiful places to stay. Budget, standard, deluxe or anything in between. On behalf of the local organising committee, the “Dutch Academic Alliance Skull Base Pathology Radboudumc/Maastricht UMC+” and Professor Davide Locatelli (ESBS President), we look forward to welcome you in Maastricht!Registration is open!Click HERE for more information.

These course series will be offered annually for residents and young attendings. The topic of the courses is “minimally invasive neurosurgery”. All courses take place in Zagreb (Croatia) in a well-equipped and state-of-the-art cadaver lab.There is a discount of 10% for EANS members.Click for more information. 

This course is suitable for surgeons working with microsurgical techniques, microsutures and microanastomoses. Participants will be able to practice basic microsurgical techniques such as dissection of arteries and veins using a placenta model.Please see below the dates of the course:Winter:Course 1: January 20-21, 2024Course 2: January 22-23, 2024Summer:Course 3: June 8-9, 2024Course 4: June 10-11, 2024Please click HERE to view the website and to register. 

08. - 09. Juni 2024

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