Austrian Society for Neurosurgery

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Would you like to become a member of the Austrian Society for Neurosurgery? Find information here about the requirements and different types of memberships. We look forward to hopefully welcoming you soon!

The society has regular, extraordinary, corresponding, supporting members and honorary members who support the goals of the society (materially and ideally).

Only those recognized as trained neurosurgeons can become regular members, regardless of their nationality.

Extraordinary members can be all interested doctors regardless of nationality.

Anyone who wants to become a regular or extraordinary member must submit a written application, which is informally endorsed in writing by two regular members, to the permanent secretary of the society by email with attachments including endorsments, cv, diploma to The annual general meeting decides on admission by a simple majority - usually in the fall of each year.

Corresponding members can be foreign scientists who maintain professional and friendly connections to the society and express interest in the activities of the society. The election is made on the proposal of the Extended Board by the Annual General Meeting with a simple majority.

Supporting members can be companies, societies and individuals. The application must be submitted in writing to the permanent secretariat of the society, the annual general meeting decides on admission on the proposal of the Extended Board by a simple majority.

Honorary members can be particularly deserving scientists who have significantly promoted neurosurgery. Their appointment is made on a unanimous proposal by the Extended Board through the Annual General Meeting with two-thirds of the votes cast. Regular members who are appointed honorary members retain the status of regular membership.

The membership fee for regular members is € 70 per year (as of 2024).

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