The course is aiming at covering all aspects of gliomas, from their genetic analysis and profiling to the most advanced surgical resective techniques and the long-term follow-up and support of these patients. An astonishing multi-national faculty, including leading figures in the field of neuro-oncology constitutes a guarantee that the participants will be able to familiarize themselves with all advanced imaging and surgical techniques, utilized for the most efficient and the safest management of patients with intracranial gliomas. A well-balanced combination of vivid presentations, stimulating debates, highly-didactic video sessions, and practical hands-on will ensure that each participant will be exposed to all diagnostic methodologies, to the most updated surgical strategies and to the most recent adjuvant treatment protocols. Moreover, the interactive e-poster session will serve as a forum for exchanging bright new ideas regarding basic science, translational, and clinical glioma research.This is the third installment of this comprehensive practical workshop of diagnosing and managing patients with intracranial gliomas. The two previous courses took place in the springs of 2017 and 2019 and were concluded with great success. Participants and faculty from every corner of the world, sharing a common interest in neuro-oncology and management of gliomas met and discussed all recent advances in this highly challenging field.Click HERE for more information.

The Hellenic Neurosurgical Society has the pleasure to announce the third microscopic and endoscopic skull base course and welcome you in Greece.This course is designed for senior residents in Neurosurgery or early-career neurosurgeons with interest in skull base surgery.This 3-day intensive course will include a combination of lectures and cadaver dissections designed to cover the basic surgical approaches and anatomy required for every skull base neurosurgeon. Faculty will include senior neurosurgeons and ENT surgeons who will demonstrate surgical skull base approaches as well as endonasal – sellar anatomy and surgical options.Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to discuss indications for surgical treatment of lesions of the cranial skull base, to describe the standard skull base approaches, to perform microscopic as well as endoscopic endonasal skull base approaches to anterior middle and posterior cranial fossa.Click HERE for more information and to register!There is a 14% discount on registrations for EANS Members!

02. Juni 2023
Schloss Seggau, Steiermark

This course aims to allow young neurosurgeons to achieve basic technical and theoretical skills in endovascular treatment, to improve their understanding of endovascular procedures possible advantages and pitfalls.The international faculty consists of dual-trained neurosurgeons as well as neurointerventional specialists.More information will be available soon.Click HERE to pre-register!

We are glad to announce that announce that „Adrenaline & Repair 2023“– complication management in neurosurgery with performance psychology, hands on and outdoor activities will be continued.We had outstanding feedback for every part in 2022, and the overall format of this very unconventional course and conference.In 2023 we will start on Wednesday afternoon 7th of June with a hands-on microsurgical dry lab plus spine.Followed by a day of Performance Psychology covering flow, clutch, stress, and states of concentration as well as strategic planning to avoid failure Thursday 8th of June.From Thursday to Saturday 10th of June Key notes on avoidance of complications, case-based discussions through the neurosurgical field, and free papers during the day will be followed by adrenaline related activities in the afternoon and remarkable networking evening events.Click HERE for more information and to register! 

07. - 10. Juni 2023

We are glad to announce that the 2023 EANS Research Course and Young Neurosurgeon's Meeting will take place this year in Madrid from 8-9 June!On this occasion, the second edition of the Students' Course will be organised as a pre-meeting course on 8 June. Abstract submissions will open soon!The 2023 EANS Research Course will also take place on 8 June. The programme will be soon available.New this year! YOUNG NEUROSURGEONS PRE-MEETING SKILLS AND TRAINING COURSES (Not part of the YNM scientific programme)This year delegates will also have the unique opportunity to attend Skills and Training Courses on 9 June before the start of the YNM scientific programme.Click HERE for all detailed information.

10. - 11. Juni 2023 (Kurs 3)
UniversitätsSpital Zürich, Schweiz

This two-day course is intended to be the basis for all young neurosurgeons who are interested in developing surgical skills and techniques necessary for operating with confidence and improving patient care in degenerative spine surgery.More information will be available soon.Click HERE to pre-register!

12. - 13. Juni 2023 (Kurs 4)
UniversitätsSpital Zürich, Schweiz

25. - 28. Juni  2023
Stuttgart/ Tübingen

01. – 04. Juli 2023

30. August – 02. September 2023
Lyon, Frankreich

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